The Most Important Attribute

If you only bid on one Attribute, it had better be Warfare. With a weapon in your hand you're invincible; with an army at your back you're unstoppable. You're as fast as greased lightning, impossible to surprise, you can use anything as a weapon, and you never, ever miss. In every Throne War there's a point where the knives come out, and when they do you want to be the one standing on the pile of bodies at the end. So buy Warfare, grab a sword, and smile menacingly while you wait for the fun to start.

What Warfare Does

Weapon Skill

Warfare's most famous quality, this Attribute gives you mastery of all forms of ranged and melee combat. It covers the usage and knowledge of all forms of weapons (personal or otherwise), and any object can be used as a deadly weapon with a sufficiently high Warfare. It also covers most unarmed combat, although grappling and wrestling are still determined by Strength. Warfare makes you a better swordsman than Inigo Montoya, a better shot than Annie Oakley, and more of a kung-fu master than Jackie Chan.

Tactical Vision

An adept of Warfare is so good at sizing up a situation tactically that they automatically take the best possible action. Firstly, this covers surprise. A person with a sufficiently high Warfare is never surprised; they foresee ambushes, dismiss feints, dodge attacks, and anticipate their opponents. Conversely, high Warfare means being able to set traps that your enemies cannot detect and finding maneuvers they aren't prepared for. Secondly, Warfare covers vulnerability. Offensively, this means finding the holes in your opponents' defense and weak points that you can exploit; defensively, it means making sure that you're always as well protected as possible given the resources at hand. The adage about bringing a knife to a gun-fight doesn't apply to Warfare-- they're going to aim somewhere you aren't and end up with your knife in their neck.
In combat, the ability to anticipate your opponents is dealt with by declaring actions later; higher Warfare means having at least some idea of what everyone else is going to do before you have to decide for yourself.

Reaction Speed

Warfare means you process information better and execute actions faster than anyone else. At the highest levels of Warfare there is almost no delay between thought and motion; you're the archetypal gunslinger whose hand moves so fast that no one sees you draw.
In game terms, Warfare determines initiative execution order; higher Warfare characters always go first.


Warfare also grants the ability to raise, organize, and lead groups of people. Under the supervision of someone with a high Warfare a group performs better, attracts more members, and displays more loyalty. Conversely, Warfare also allows you to anticipate and manipulate the function of opposing groups. The Attribute covers group intimidation, psychological warfare, rumor-mongering, and determining the weak points in any power structure. An army led by a master of Warfare can defeat vastly larger and better armed forces; a politician with a higher Warfare will always win their election campaigns.

Tool Use

Part of Warfare is the ability to make practical use of tools. With Warfare you have an instinctive knowledge of what things are supposed to do and how to get them to do it. If an object or a creature has a function, you can make it perform, break it, or put it to a new use. You're a hacker, driver, lockpick, and horsewoman rolled into one.
Note that this doesn't mean you understand why the tool works. Warfare lets you pilot a starfighter but it doesn't mean you understand the mechanics of anti-matter drive systems. That requires specialized knowledge and practice that can only be acquired from experience.

First Rank Warfare

  • ...can kill a man with a paper clip. A plastic paper clip. From ten yards.
  • ...can kill an entire army a few men at a time given sufficiently restrictive terrain and enough Endurance.
  • ...draws, fires, and re-holsters their gun before anyone else even registers that they moved.
  • ...knows when you're carrying a hidden weapon, where you're carrying it, and roughly what type it is.
  • ...automatically defends against invisible attackers and fights better blindfolded than most people do in daylight.
  • ...can defeat the king's elite guard with the residents of an orphanage.
  • ...always knows which wire connects to the detonator and which door has the tiger behind it.

What is Rank?