Other patterns have the same mechanical requirements and benefits for walking them as the Pattern does. They do have other perils though.

The Pattern in the Sky

Tir-na Nog'th (more commonly 'Tir') is a ghostly city in the sky reached by a ghostly staircase that starts on the side of Kolvir. Tir only appears only when the moon is clear in the sky; anything that obscures the moon (like clouds) causes the entire city to disappear until the moon is fully visible again. Amberites in Tir when it disappears are advised to have a plan for a very long fall.

The Undersea Pattern

Rebma is an underwater city reached by The Winding Stair, an anchient stone staircase which begins on a ruined beach outside Arden at the base of Kolvir. The stairs and the city are enchanted to allow safe passage to land dwellers, but outside Rebma's embrace the sea is as crushing and cold as ever.

Corwin's and The Primal Pattern

While both of these Patterns are interesting story wise, having a Pattern that can be accessed only by certain PCs or those with extensive knowledge of Zelazny's universe is not needed.