The home of the Logrus and the Farthest City.


The map of the Courts of Chaos is everchanging. Sometimes sections are lit aflame with bright light, covered in torential water, have reversed gravity. or just appear as a pleasant autumn day. Many buildings in the courts move, but The Five Gates (The Fire Gate, Flesh Gate, Tall Gate, Hungry Gate, and Opalescent Gate) are all more or less fixed points. They are used by visitors and locals alike as way points to help navigate the labrynthine and everchanging nature of the Courts. The Temple of the Dragon is fixed in form, but not location. It is usally found near the Fire Gate, and houses exstensive shrines to the Dragon himself. The people of the courts are called Chaosians, and they live in the ever shifting capital they call The Farthest City.

The Noble Houses

The Chaosians organize themselves into Houses. Each house is made up of anywhere from 10 to 1,000 members bonded by familial ties, and each has a say in the life of the Courts. The Houses are an integral part of Chaosian life, and are one of the ways Chaosians differentiate themselves from each other. Some specific houses:
  • House Barimen: An exiled house of Chaosian Nobles that plots against the Primarch from the Golden Circle
  • House Sawall: Expert Logrus Masters, almost every member has attempted to walk the Logrus
  • House Amblerash: Priests of the Dragon and loyal followers of the Primarch
  • House Hendrake: Warriors descended from a mix of Amberite and Chaosian heritage
  • House Jesby: Probably the largest House and the greatest number of Trump Artists outside of the Golden Circle
  • House Minobee: The most Xenophobic and Anti-Amberite of the Houses
  • House Chanicut: An almost dead house, most of it's members contracted the Chaos Cancer. They are now the most capable of helping those in need of a cure.

The Logrus

The entrance to the labrynthine Logrus is inside the Temple of the Dragon. At the end of a long and twisting staircase, Suhuy holds vigil over the opening to it's "passages." The end of the Logrus shifts constantly, so one may never know where in the Courts (Or even in the surrounding Shadows!) the newly minted and freshly insane Master will appear. Nor do they know how long he has been in the Logrus...

The Abyss

This gaping and endless maw of pure destruction exists near the Farthest City. A bottomless pit seems to rupture from the landscape, and consumes the attention of all around it. A chasm black as night, bottomless descent below, no sign of heaven above. Demon winds howl with the many voices of those foolish enough to enter it's dark depths, and tongues of infernal purple flame lick from it's deep confines. Some say the Abyss is growing, but that's just hogwash. Right?!

Game Mechanics

Time is even fluid in the Courts of Chaos, but it usually faster than that of Amber. Delays spent in the Court are open to be much shorter or much slower, depending on the whim of the GM. The courts are not immune to destruction like Amber, and if you can find the correct pocket of the Courts any technology or Magic from any given Shadow will function there. For the purposes of Conjuration, you must spend an extra endurance token to summon an item in the Courts of Chaos, due to the shifting nature of the plane's physics.