The Most Important Attribute

Strength is obviously the most important Attribute. In a fight for the Throne you want to be the toughest son-of-a-bitch in the room, and you can only do that with Strength. Strength means you can take anything they can dish out and then crush them-- literally. All you have to do is get close enough to touch someone, and then it doesn't matter how good their Warfare or Psyche is; they won't be able to concentrate much while you're crushing their windpipe with one hand and breaking their face with the other.

What Strength Does


Strength controls how much force you can exert with your body: it covers lift strength, how hard you hit, how well you brace against impact, how much and how far you throw, and what you can destroy with your bare hands. With a high Strength you can use trees and lamp-posts as weapons, hurl boulders at your foes, dent safe doors with your fists, and bend swords into pretzels.


Strength is also a measure of your general athleticism. A high Strength means you jump higher and farther, run faster, and balance better than a normal Amberite. Swinging from chandeliers, running along bending bamboo trees, and being able to sword-fight while standing on three fingers are all covered under Strength.


Grappling here is defined as combat where you have a hold on the other person and don't let go. Strength is king of grapples-- it's practically the only thing that matters. If you can get your hands on someone with a lower Strength, you can cut off their air supply, snap their limbs, or literally bend them until they break.
Strength can be used as your melee combat Attribute in both armed and unarmed combat. Attacking with Strength is all about brute force: sweeping blows, crushing defenses, and hitting someone over the head with a chair. Defending with Strength is about blocking, counter-strikes, and using your superior mobility to throw yourself bodily out of the way. These options are always available to you regardless of what weapon you use, but some weapons are more effective in this combat style than others.
However, wild swings and fancy acrobatics aren't going to deter an attacker with a sufficiently high Warfare. When used to contest Warfare directly in close combat, Strength always grants the opponent Advantage.


Strength makes you tough. Partially this derives from physical makeup: bigger muscles, stronger bones, better cardiovascular system, etc. Partially it comes from the ability to ignore pain and keep fighting long after you should have fallen down. In game terms, this means more health levels. The higher your Strength, the more health levels you receive and the higher up the wound chart they get.
Selling down Strength does not mean you have fewer health levels; it does however mean that you will be more affected by any wounds you take. Amber-rank Strength allows you to ignore any less-than-fatal wound for at least short periods; an Amberite can have their throat slashed and still keep fighting for a few minutes before they're overcome by loss of blood and lack of oxygen. Chaos-rank Strength means that you are severely impaired by Deadly Wounds: your vision clouds red and your pulse pounds in your ears, it becomes difficult to move and breathe, and you grant Advantage to opponents in any action. Human-rank Strength means that Serious Wounds have the same effect on you... and that you will bleed to death in a few minutes if you ever receive a Deadly Wound.
Healing is unaffected by Strength; it still costs the same amount of Endurance to heal a level of wound even if you have more of them. Strength also gives no special protection versus attacks that don't apply wounds like poisons, infections, and Psychic attacks.

First Rank Strength

  • ...can be shot in the head by a sniper and live to tell the tale.
  • ...can hurl a brick to the range of most firearms.
  • ...can burst steel manacles by flexing.
  • ...can overturn a tank.
  • ...can keep pace with cars moving at city speeds and sprint as fast as cars on the highway.
  • ...can leap to the roof of a two-story building from a standing start.
  • ...can hold a door against a battering ram single-handedly.


The Health Levels Algorithm

Every player starts with the capability of taking 4 surface wounds, 2 serious wounds, and 1 deadly wound. To calculate the bonus health boxes, the algorithm is Surface are worth 1, Serious are worth 2, Deadly are worth 4; as with Endurance, bottom rank gets one point and everyone above them gets one cumulative additional point; no level can have more boxes than the level below; trade up as soon as possible. Broken down by points it looks like this:
  • 1 surface
  • 2 surface
  • 1 serious, 1 surface
  • 1 serious, 2 surface
  • 1 serious, 3 surface
  • 2 serious, 2 surface
  • 1 deadly, 1 serious, 1 surface
  • 1 deadly, 1 serious, 2 surface
  • 1 deadly, 1 serious, 3 surface
  • 1 deadly, 2 serious, 2 surface
  • 1 deadly, 2 serious, 3 surface
  • 1 deadly, 2 serious, 4 surface
  • 1 deadly, 3 serious, 3 surface
  • 2 deadly, 2 serious, 2 surface
This is a no-ceiling chart and can be logically extended after 14. Basically lowest rank starts at one bonus surface wound and you count up the chart from there until you hit first. As with Endurance, how much tougher 1st rank Strength is depends on how many people bid on Strength.

What is Rank?