Everywhere you have ever been and ever will be.

The Basics

Shadow is the term for the collective multiverse, a spectrum of universes that extend from Amber to the Courts of Chaos. The worlds of Shadow are many and varied and travel between them is sometimes as easy as walking, but other times requires breaking through the boundaries of physics itself. Shadow is both the term for the many universes and the term for a single universe (IE A Shadow exists in Shadow).


Where the story mainly takes place, and where most of the characters will call "home." Amber is the Primal Shadow; all others are merely imperfect reflections of it throughout space and time. The island of Kolvir makes up the majority of the plane, and Oberon and his children dwell upon the mountain there.

Courts of Chaos

The other end of the spectrum, the Courts of Chaos are a swirling Maelstrom of activity, with relatively few stable areas. Most of it is constantly changing, moving from impossible terrain to impossible terrain in the blink of an eye. The Courts themselves are relatively stable.

The Golden Circle

The Primal Planes that surround Amber Shadow are each very close to it's general map. Each one has it's variations but they are general extensions of Amber's geography. The Golden Circle nations can all travel between each other and Amber Shadow through various pathways. Some of Oberon's children have been from one of the Golden Circle nations, where they rose through the ranks and then proved themselves by walking the pattern. Other from these Primal Planes who felt themselves worthy would venture to the Pattern as well, but these pretenders were all consumed in the sparking blue flame. Each one of the Golden Circle nations have their own politics, and wage their own wars (often against other Golden Circle nations). There are nine Primal Planes that form the Golden Circle, and their specific make up and culture is relevant to the plot of some Throne Wars.

Shadow Earth

Earth exists out in Shadow somewhere, many of them in fact! Some of them are more advanced scientifically or magically then our own reflection but each of them are Earth in it's own right. Oberon and his children like to frequent them as they are just Primal enough to feel like home while not being too Chaotic...

And the rest...

Countless and infinite worlds span the length of the entirety of Shadow; some of them even think for themselves. Any place that can or will be dreamed of exists out in the countless realms ruled from Castle Amber. Dimension upon dimension exists in an unending sprawl, you never know what you might find!

People you should know

Personal Shadows

Players can have Shadows of their own, where they rule or merely reside. These Shadows are Toys.