Your lovely siblings, in no particular order...

Victory Barimen
Player: Rebecca
Colors: Pink and Black
Birth Order: 1
Title: Mayor of Ambertown
Victory, as their name suggests, values nothing more than winning a competition and proving oneself great at something, and Victory is currently quite good at a number of things (the most important of which is being Oberon's favorite child.) Victory is also of the opinion that Oberon has too many children, that it's not worth remembering the names of the newer ones, and that the family tree could stand to lose a few leaves, specifically the newer, less-victorious ones.
Currently, Victory spends most of their time in Ambertown, and resides in a smaller recreation of Amber Castle at the town's edge, referred to as Ambertown Castle. Victory's Ambertown looks very nice and beautiful...for about the first five minutes of a visit. After that point, it becomes apparent that Ambertown is abnormally and eerily flawless, and every resident of the town is absolutely devoted to Lord Mayor Victory.
(Side note: Victory originates from a shadow of humans with no gender, but identifies as all genders existing in any shadow, and responds to all pronouns.)

Player: Jesse
Colors: Red and Gold
Birth Order: 2
Title: General
The child of Oberon and a large stone, Wukong appeared in Amber early, and was given the job of "Protector of the Horses". When he learned that this was a very low position in Amber, he rebelled, proclaiming himself "Great Sage, Equal of Amber", and set free all the creatures in the stable. Oberon then proclaimed him "Guardian of the Amber Garden", when Wukong soon learned that this was also, in fact, a very low position in the court, he once again rebelled, causing all manner of trouble in Amber before returning to his throne in his shadow of origin. Oberon sent his army to pursue him, and was startled when Wukong returned, having defeated the army with a hoard of monkeys. it was agreed, at this point, that Wukong was deserving of a higher post, and having displayed unmatched skill in warfare, he was made "General of the Great Army of Amber". He has served in this post for longer than the vast majority of his siblings have been in Amber. Wukong can often be found bounding across the leaps of the various wings of Castle Amber, surveying his Army and commanding them as they move through drills and training exercises (and occasionally frightening his siblings by jumping on their heads and the like in a most surprising manner).

Lady Arianhrhod, Born of Oberon and the Princess Cigfa in Tir-Na-Nog'th
Player: Stephanie
Colors: Gray and Black
Birth Order: 3
Title: Envoy to the Spirits
(Name is pronounced air-yahn-rod)
Lady Arianhrhod claims to be the "most legitimate" child of Oberon, despite being third birth order, as she is the eldest child of Oberon and one of his wives. The fact that her mother was a ghost in Tir-Na-Nog'th when she conceived and gave birth seems to be irrelevant to Lady Arianhrhod. She has many opinions about the "proper" way of doing things and acts as though she knows "what must happen" in the world. Despite her pompous attitude, she's generally regarded as "that weird spooky sister who lives in Tir and who's mom was a ghost or something." As far as most siblings can tell, she operates on some strange orange/blue morality and tends to keep to herself. The most common form she's seen in is a ghosty, dead-looking version of her human (?) self.

"Legend has it that Amber was built to resemble Tir, you know..."

Player: Emery
Colors: Tan and Gold
Birth Order: 4
Title: Seneschal
Ainsworth views himself as the curator for the knowledge of the universe. As the Seneschal, his domain is the Library of Castle Amber, where about half his time is spent. The other half is spent out in shadow, gathering materials to add to Castle Amber's already impossibly large collection of books, scrolls, relics of other cultures, artifacts of natural history, and other items of note. In speech, he is often very short and curt, sometimes rudely so.

"Remember, when in doubt, it belongs in a museum."

Player: Gary
Colors: Black and Red
Birth Order: 5
Title: Envoy to Chaos
Drake is the child of Oberon and a solitary trump artist living her life out on a shadow which must now be entirely uninhabited. He welcomes the role that Oberon has given him and always tries to work out what he perceives as fair and peaceable deals between Amber and Chaos. Some, however, would say that his judgement is clouded by his lack of value placed on those who reside within Shadow.

Player: Nate
Colors: Azure and Light Gray
Birth Order: 6
Title: Ordered
Ptolemaius is the child of Oberon from an intergalactic species that has conquered the known universe of its home Shadow. They left for Amber when the conquest was complete, working out the rudiments of walking between Shadows in a search for new worlds to bring into the growing Vunuuq Dominion. Amber itself was a shock to them, being so technologically backwards but indisputably the foremost of all Shadows. They are still immensely conflicted--they truly, genuinely believe that the Pattern is the ultimate expression of reality and the ordered ideal everything else should strive for, but hates that it shows physical representation in such a primitive and fantastical society. This conflict drove them deeper into the study of and devotion to the Pattern, so it didn't take very long at all for it to show its favor very clearly. They often interact with their other siblings through that lens.

Damien Sawall
Player: Brian
Colors: Red and Black
Birth Order: 7
Title: Admiral
Damien is the child of Oberon and a Chaosian noble of House Sawall. He appeared in Amber a while ago hoping to usher a new era of peace with Chaos. Instead, Oberon put him in charge of the Navy and sent him back after the Chaosians, and after initial complaints ever-ambitious Damien took the job and performed very well at it. This has not made him terribly popular back in Chaos.

Player: Eli
Colors: Green and Black
Birth Order: 8
Title: Ranger
Caedwyn's mother was a dryad, from a far off forest Shadow. Oberon took an interest in the Shadow for its unchanging simplicity. He was born more or less human, maybe a little greener than most people would expect, maybe a bit more hair. In Caedwyn's wandering, he has grown to appreciate the trueness of spirit his home Shadow had, and he strives to abide by a policy of non interference when possible. Caedwyn loves each Shadow and person for who they truly are. For this strange wild approach to Order, and because Oberon had forgotten who he was, he was named Ranger, and given a series of shacks and treehouses to reside in wherever he is in the Forest Arden. Oberon appreciated that it kept him away from the Castle, where Caedwyn tended to butt heads with those who imposed their wills or perceptions on others.

Player: Connor
Colors: Blue and Black
Birth Order: 9
Title: Envoy to the Sea
Thraama has always had an affinity for chaos and Logrus. While he may be humanoid like his father, his mother was a sentient maelstrom, a fact evident in his personality. Order, neatness, restraint... such things are diametrically opposed to his whirling mind. Traveling between shadows, he bring the gift of disorder to them. Oftentimes, people aren't too glad to be liberated, whether through death or reluctantly turning to his ideals of chaos. People feel safe with order, and people like safety. But order is safe in the same way solitary confinement is safe. Freedom is always preferable to safety, whether or not the people he frees know it. Thraama believes a chaotic death is always a better option than a restrained and ordered life. For people and for shadows.
Though it took Thraama awhile to bother heading to Amber to claim his place as Oberon's son due to the ordered nature of Amber and its pattern, and now that he has shown up, he mostly keeps to himself in his undersea cave or in Rebma, or he leaves for other shadows.

Player: Arjuna
Colors: White and Blue
Birth Order: 10
Title: Envoy to the Golden Circle Nations
Drona comes from a shadow where the sorcery is used to dissect and exploit natural laws instead of technology. He is one of sorcerers whose job it is to discover more about the natural laws of the universe. One day, likely as a combination of his sorcerous energies and natural propensity for shifting shadow (as a Scion of Oberon), he stumbled across Amber. Upon proving to all that was indeed a Scion of Oberon by walking the Pattern, he received the title of Envoy to the Golden Circle Nations. Drona lives in a tower in Castle Amber that has traditionally been the residence of the Envoy to the Golden Circle Nations. It has a number of non-magical artifacts from the Golden Circle that have built up over the years.
Drona is generally a calm, rational, and analytical; however, he does not react gracefully when exposed to things he is fundamentally against, like the reliance on technology when other powers exist to be used. He likes snake-like and reptilian creatures quite a bit.

Player: Katie
Colors: Many Blues and Black
Birth Order: 11
Title: None
Although Chraiga is the newest arrival on Amber, she is ambitious and takes learning the greater powers very seriously. She values loyalty and the purposes of objects and lives and enjoys planning.
She doesn’t spend too much time staying in Amber, preferring instead to mess around with the numerous overlooked shadows and some not-so-overlooked ones, and planning, constructing things, and changing them.

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