That Which Walks (often called "Walker")

Player: Nate

Colors: Green and Brown


Player: Rebecca

Colors: Blue and Pink

Goofball is a humanoid pink-and-blue corgi! This is super exciting! A lot of things are exciting when you are a HUMANOID PINK-AND-BLUE CORGI!
Goofball is the product of one of Oberon's many escapades; this one involved a shadow full of multicolored corgis and a hill made of cotton candy and a really weird and slobber-filled corgy. Goofball is generally cheerful, and spends a lot of time hanging around Amber Castle and the nearby shadows. Despite an optimistic demeanor and sometimes-lacking common sense in many areas, Goofball has proven himself to be a rather powerful tactician and fighter.


Player: Stephanie

Colors: Purple and black

Kitty, star of the hit video game Tanoshi Fun Time Katzenjammer, is on the scene! Watch her as she joins forces with the valiant princes of Amber to fight the forces of darkness and chaos! Be amazed as she uses her powerful psychic senses to overwhelm her enemies! Watch her jump from place to place, using only the power of her mind! She is your best friend, and mine too! Kitty, now with remastered audio and hi-def graphical capabilities!


Player: Brian

Colors: Black and Blue

4c (there's more to his name but almost nobody bothers with the rest) is the son of Oberon and a supercomputer from an Earth-like shadow. It's been ages since he's even sent a representative to Amber; usually he can be found on either his shadow, his mother's shadow, or else somewhere in the Courts of Chaos. (He seems to believe that Amber "doesn't like him".) On shadows that "like him", his body is least half metal, and wires that don't seem to go anywhere flow off his body in several places. On shadows that "don't like him", he Shapes those bits away, and then usually leaves quickly.


Player: Jesse

Colors: Red and Electric Green

One of the eldest sons of Oberon, Edward was born and raised in Amber. He grew to be a central member of Oberon's court and an important military and political leader in Amber.

Caetore (Tori)

Player: Aer

Colors: Red Orange and Ice Blue

Caetore is the daughter of Oberon and a very beautiful, incredibly deadly dragon. On her home world she is a renowned warrior just like her mother. When she was younger her mother would often send her to Amber during battles to keep her safe. Tori was always too shy to really get to know or like many of her relatives which led to an independent warrior spirit. Since she has grown she rarely travels to Amber preferring the Shadow. She is mostly seen wearing all black, a mark of her status on her home shadow, with flamboyant make-up and a tattoo of dragons on her chest as her small form of self expression. She prides her self in being adaptable, among other things.


Player: Melissa

Colors: Red and Dark Blue


Player: Kyle

Colors: Sable and Silver

The youngest “known” scion of Oberon, Herschel came to Amber ~25 years ago, was acknowledged by his father, and made short work of walking the Pattern. He wandered back into Amber a couple months later, announced his disgust with his known siblings (the phrase “sociopathic assholes” was thrown about liberally), and started following around Dworkin, a magician that Dad kept around. The dwarf hasn’t chased the lad off yet, so presumably he’s learning something.


Player: Gary

Colors: Orange and Yellow

Junior, the son of Oberon and a fellow known simply as "The Monopoly Man," only arrived in Amber around 23 Amber years ago, and is almost always seen in formal attire. He is very fond of games and seems to have an unparalleled aptitude for Trump. However, he does have an odd habit of occasionally giving away 200 units of brightly colored currency while transferring people through Trump connections.