Guy Kidd

Player: Rebecca

Colors: Black and White

Guy is a fairly normal humanoid child of Oberon, who received the normal upbringing of his home shadow: hours upon hours upon hours in front of the television. Guy is obsessed with the latest TV shows, movies, and media, to the point where reality is just a TV show waiting to be filmed (and always available to be made more dramatic)! He spends much of his time in Quest, either watching, planning, or filming TV shows, but any travelling time is often spent visiting places closest to his favorite shows or the ones he dreams of making. His favorite movie is Skyfall, a movie about James Bond and eight James Bond stunt doubles all jumping out of a helicopter fight scene and duking it out for the right to the one and only parachute. May the best Bond live!


Player: Ewerton

Colors: White and Yellow

Eudoxus is a humanoid LEGO man, but huge size (as big as a human). For some religious group, he is considered a prehistorical human, which the human evolved from. Yeah, in that Shadow, humans didn't evolve from apes, but from LEGO men. Everything about this can be found in the LEGO bible. Oberon likes Eudoxus, (well who doesn't like LEGO), but at the same time Oberon thinks this whole LEGO bible is bullshit. Eudoxus truly believes in the LEGO bible and likes his home shadow, but he is tired of the religious fanatics there. Nowadays, he is staying mostly in Tennore with his friend Vinni Retafog, helping to make sure that the casino will always get a huge profit. He doesn't like Chaos at all, as if someone is playing with your LEGO and they are placing all the pieces in the wrong place. But he likes to Shapeshift into some weird helpful things like all LEGO usually do. One could say that utility is the thing that Eudoxus most praises.


Player: Brian

Colors: White and Red

Mephi is cute. Mephi is cuddly. Many people think that means that Mephi is trustworthy. Most of those people are dead.
Mephi's "hobby" is offering dwellers of random Shadows anything they want in exchange for becoming a magical girl. This rarely ends well for them. When he's not doing that he spends most of his time in his own Shadow, though he does occasionally turn up in Amber or the Courts of Chaos.


Player: Nate

Colors: Beige and Red

Georgio is very much a 'black sheep'. He came out of a very boring medieval shadow, walked the pattern with some difficulty, then proceeded to do nothing but hedonistically gallivant all over Shadow. Prefers the trappings of "stardom".

Riley Stone

Player: Arjuna

Colors: Black and Gold

Riley Stone, son of Oberon and a semi-sentient psychic meteor that crashed onto an inhabited planet, inherited his father's humanoid form, his mother's inscrutable exterior, and a double dose of wanderlust from both. As such, he has always wanted to wander wherever the (solar) wind takes him, an opportunity not readily available when one is raised in a scientific institution. As soon as he got his powers, he popped off to wherever his whims took him, rarely staying in one place for any significant amount of time, and never returning to his home shadow. Notable exceptions include his stay in Amber, where he pestered Dworkin for the secrets of Trump, and his visits to Domder, where his wanderlust is only matched by the Pirate Mother's quest for treasure and adventurous spirit. He is generally hard to locate, but has returned to Amber due to recent events.

Admiral Fawksul

Player: John

Colors: Navy and Gold

Admiral Fawksul wants to lead his Grand Order Armada to the Courts of Chaos, overrun them, destroy the Logrus and declare victory of Order over Chaos once and for all. Just ask him. Or don't. He'll probably tell you anyway. He's obsessed with his self-appointed destiny and literally worships the Pattern. Over the centuries, he's annoyed more than a few siblings with his sermonizing on the superiority of Pattern to all the other Great Powers, once calling practitioners of Logrus "disguting blood traitors fit only to act as ballast thrown over the edge of the worlds into the void to lighten our load." Most Scions of Oberon are happy to see him leave on extended raids against the Shadows surrounding the Courts of Chaos just to get a break from all the shouting.

Tsu of the Shimmering Moon

Player: Gary

Colors: Purple and Dark Blue

Tsu is a somewhat mysterious cloaked figure with a featureless face of curved silver. Little is known of his birth - Oberon doesn't typically wait around after his affairs and Tsu doesn't speak of his other parent. One day, he was just found wandering around Amber, not quite sure how he'd got there. Walking the Pattern proved at least part of his birth although he has never done so since. Tsu now spends most of his time in Amber and the Golden Circle nations, particularly Xin. When it comes to Order/Chaos politics, Tsu tends to humor whomever he's speaking with, but, despite spending most of his time around Amber, has not officially declared a preference. When it comes to warfare, however, he is perhaps overeager in giving his somewhat condescending advice.


Player: Kyle

Colors: Gold and Green

Unlike the rest of your siblings, Feyd was born in the Courts of Chaos to a demoness Oberon bedded while on a diplomatic mission. Rather than rely on his parentage to secure his station, though, he preferred to make his own way through shadow. Feyd was first noticed by Amber when he rose to a seat on the Council of Eight in Gar Ab No, which he held for decades before retiring to pursue other interests...although he was promptly recognized by Oberon as one of his descendants and installed in A'nok as regent over the shadow. A moderate ruler who worked for the good of Amber and (usually) the people of A'nok, he was labeled Tyrant by the inhabitants of the shadow and, after about a century, allowed himself to be overthrown.
Since then, Feyd has spent time in Amber, Chaos, and places known mostly only to himself. Depending on what political statements he wants to make at the time, he dons his humanoid form as a strapping lad with red hair, or takes his chaos form - which looks like the result of a hedgehog knocking up a krogan. Feyd is usually a pragmatist who, while no stranger to backroom deals, dislikes complex trickery.
Feyd is the father of Shazeem, and took her to be raised in the Courts once he was aware of her existence. Their relationship is occasionally strained.

Bill Garrul

Player: Rothman

Colors: Purple and White

Bill Garrul appears to be a regular human and is from a shadow with a with a very strong source of magical energies where sorcery is commonplace. Bill is always looking to improve himself and spends much of his time away from Amber in the study of sorcery and the great powers. Prior to the recent troubles, he has been fairly reclusive but is always ready to help a sibling in need with anything that is not too inconveniencing or disruptive to his studies.


Player: Emery


Bogatsva is Oberon's eldest living son. For many centuries he was known to serve as a Captain and Commander under the First Ranger. But that was long ago. These days, he spends most of his time between Castle Amber and business dealings in Xin City. He thoroughly enjoys an opulent lifestyle afforded him by being a scion of Oberon. He is cold, calculating, and remorseless. It’s rumored that at one time, back in the early years he served as a Ranger, he felt compassion.


Player: Mel

Colors: Black and Purple

People would be hard pressed to come up with a consistent physical description of even Shazeem’s standard, humanoid form, as she is constantly growing bored with it and shifting her hair color, skin tone, tattooed patterns, eye color, anything that has stayed the same for too long for her tastes. But the personality within her is as recognizable and hard to overlook as a hurricane. Raised for the beginning of her life in the harsh desert shadow of A’nok, Shazeem fit in well with the survivalist mentality of its people, but less so in terms of her arrogance and temper. The source of her Chaotic nature was made clear to her when her father, Feyd, returned for her and brought her to the Courts of Chaos for a more fitting education. It was there that she truly unlearned her early lessons of moderation and tribal loyalty, and made a name for herself picking fights with Amberites and Pattern users with no clear end goal in sight. If someone wanted something destroyed, she was a always an eager party to turn to, as she needed little convincing beyond, “Don’t you think this person, place, or thing here has remained intact for far too long?” She came to despise the idea of order, stagnation, negotiation, and institution (including all those rules her father often enforced.) All this thrilling talk of the glory of Chaos and the inevitable fall of Amber. So why hadn’t anyone done anything about it yet? Shazeem decided that no matter how reckless the plan, she was going to be the one to put a stop to all the empty words and make something happen already! Anything.


Player: Jesse

Colors: Silver and Black

Rosseau is a fairy dude who spends most of his time gardening in the gardens of Amber and passing out cookies on his way to and from Rast.