The Players from Summer 2013, the Inaugural DCP Throne War.


Your lovely siblings, in no particular order...

Lady Maeve

Player: Cat

Colors: Blue and Black

Lady Maeve is one of Oberon’s oldest surviving children, having been born to his second wife, a woman named Branna from a fairly close in Shadow with a technological and cultural air not unlike Earth’s Italian Renaissance. Branna did not last long in court and tragically died under mysterious circumstances that may or may not have involved Oberon's third wife. Teen-aged Lady Maeve, already wrapped up in art lessons from a variety of Amber’s best artists and Trump lessons from Dworkin himself, hardly seemed to notice. While she is well versed in many mediums and styles of art, most of her work does have the feel of Renaissance oils or charcoals, even when in a different medium. Whether this is in tribute to her mother’s land or because the deep colors, strict perspectives, and realistic shadows lend themselves well to making excellently reliable Trumps is uncertain. When not dazzling Amber’s Court with her newest experiments of artistic genius, she is often found in shadow, where she likes to train native artists, completely derailing the development of art there (for instance, teaching cave painters the use of forced perspective).

The House

Player: John

Colors: Red and Gold

The House is those child of Oberon and a slot machine from a fairly Earth-like shadow. It (The House, although apparently masculine, has no use for gender) was raised around casinos and gaming and, while most thought that that would give it tendencies toward chaos and chance, it instead learned about the importance of deals and rules and keeping one's word. The House spent most of its early years honing its abilities and consolidating control of its home shadow, emerging every so often to offer assistance to its siblings, always for a price. In most family conflicts in the past, The House has taken a neutral, mercenary stance: it'll aid anyone who's willing to meet its price, sometimes aiding multiple sides in a conflict.


Player: Red

Colors: Blue and White

Ardo was born...unconventionally. Oberon had left the Shadow of Mer thinking that his tryst with a Mer local would be one of his less productive encounters as far as producing offspring, perceiving his most recent mate as male, but Oberon did not bother with research on this farther out Shadow, full of what he saw as human-fish hybrids, gills and lungs coexisting. Ardo’s Mer father, many years prior, had meekly resigned his ruling class position as one of the Que, the intersex people of Mer, instead choosing to identify as male and live a humble life alone, painting in a cottage beside the seashore. Ardo, after a simple childhood as an artist’s son, acted upon his natural talents as an Amberite following his father’s horrific death at the hands of the Que and swiftly overturned Mer’s class system, installing himself at the top. Once ruling his home shadow became boring, he placed his right-hand woman as Mer’s ruler and used a Trump left behind by Oberon to travel to Amber. He began his studies of the Pattern and of Trump artistry immediately, mentored by Dworkin in return for beautiful murals of the Shadows they would visit together. Ardo now buries himself in his art, completely self-absorbed in the creation of Trumps.

Mór-ríoghain (or less pretentiously: Morrigan, slightly more pretentiously: The Morrigan)

Player: Stephanie

Colors: Green and black

The Morrigan styles herself as a goddess of war and valiant conquest. She surrounds herself with epic heroes gathered from innumerable Shadows and is known to lead them into glorious, eternal battles in her personal shadow. When she first arrived in Amber many years ago, however, she was meeker, quieter, and went by a name remembered by very few. Morrigan now asserts dominance and social power wherever she goes and can be rather hot-headed and irrational at times. Some say that her blue face paint is to counteract the red in her face when she is enraged, others say it's because she's clearly insane, still others say she's just seen the movie Braveheart too many times. In addition, Morrigan worked long and hard to become the best practitioner of Pattern, and there are whisperings that it was especially difficult for her. The Morrigan, of course, denies this vehemently.


Player: Nate

Colors: Blue and White

"Oh! Sorry if I scared ya any. Just here... y'know. On business. Need any help? I wasn't doing anything in particular with these servants anyway, they're real nice..." Sylvester is an oddity. Born from a fling with a high-ranking concubine in Chaos, he threw himself into the politics of the Courts while keeping a presence at Amber--and anyone involved on either end would have seen a very different person. The Sylvester presented to Amber and its denizens is a sweet, helpful and rather simple person that tries his best to be proper and do what he sees his less-Chaotic siblings do.On the other end of the multiverse, where nobody that matters is looking, he is scheming, ruthless and ambitious to no end. Of course.


Player: Melissa

Colors: Purple and green

A relatively young Amberite, Niele was born and raised in a Shadow almost entirely covered in water with sparse islands dotting its oceans. There she was quite literally shown the meaning of the phrase “sink or swim,” particularly by her no nonsense mother and plethora of siblings. Her mother taught her that no matter the means, the struggle to survive is a respectable one, and also that bearing a lot of children to the world’s few other inhabitants will eventually get you what is essentially an army of defenders in a world of survival of the fittest, particularly if one of them happens to be the daughter of Oberon. Niele has since taken one of those lessons to heart. But as she grew older, so did her mother’s ravings in her mind, and she grew restless. Curiosity got the better of her, and she found that when one can walk across universes as one pleases, simply surviving day to day in just one is, well, boring. Exploration and adaption to different situations became the name of the game, and time between return visits to her home Shadow became longer and longer. Niele picked up everything she could learn in her travels, from fighting styles to the art of Trump cards to the chaotic power of the Logrus. She never could sit still long enough to completely master any one of them though.


Player: Emery

Colors: Red and Blue

Xanatos was only acknowledged as a son by Oberon a couple centuries ago. When he first came to Castle Amber to walk the Pattern he was a shaking twitchy mess. Upon completing the walk, Oberon acknowledged him and when Xanatos returned not one year later, he looked the same but was unrecognizable. His animistic demeanor was replaced by a calm and collected intelligence. From then, he was welcomed back to Amber and took naturally to the Power of the Pattern. He will still occasionally sniff the air.Xanatos has brownish-green rough scaled skin, an elongated snout with a row of vicious teeth, and yellow slited eyes. He is known to be an exiled Chaosian.


Player: Jesse

Colors: Sky Blue and Blood Red
His father Davey Jones and his Mother Oberon met in Davey's home shadow near chaos, and took quite a shine to each-other. Soon, Oberon gave birth to Archibald and gave him back to his Father to be raised (except alternating Thursdays and weekends (amber time, of course), when Oberon would relieve Davey of custody and Archibald would roam the halls of amber terrorizing his mothers subjects).Archibald grew up to be a keen warrior and a strong tactician. He is usually seen moving about the shadows with his fleet of airships, preying upon aircraft of all types and recruiting men for his crew of the airborne damned. Archibald is known to most as "the Admiral" or "Admiral Archibald" (although the title is self appointed, it is accurate).

Name: Mestaclocan (among others)

Player: Gary

Colors: Black and Neon Green

Mestaclocan (a generally accepted but not always preferred name for this particular Amberite) is said to be the child of Oberon and the Primarch, although even it can't pick the ruler of the Courts out from a crowd. Mestaclocan doesn't tend to keep its current form for long, opting to shift so often that it's suspect that it doesn't get Chaos Cancer more often. Mestaclocan has never quite been the same since it first walked the Logrus some 2,000 years ago -- now its personality shifts almost as much as its shape. Some say it once blew up Earth in one of its less real reflections, but that it has progressed knowledge and welfare in some of its other Shadow reflections. Mestaclocan mostly keeps to the Shadows around Chaos, but wandering into Amber and its nearby Shadows is far from unheard of.