The Most Important Attribute

Quite simply, Psyche is the most important Attribute. With it, you can turn your siblings into your personal puppets-- their Attributes become your assets. Your secrets are safe and you can lie with impunity while the truth they're hiding is plain to see. Psyche is the ultimate in control, and without control all the other Attributes are meaningless.

What Psyche Does

Psychic Combat

With Psyche, you can reach into someone else's mind to discover information they keep secret, plant suggestions and alter memories, and control their actions directly. If you lose a physical combat, the worst that happens is you die-- but if you lose a Psychic combat, the other player can actively use you to help them win. And while the other forms of combat can be fought by items, no toys can protect you against Psychic assault. Ranked Psyche allows you to initiate Psychic contact by close eye contact, and higher ranks allow you to initiate contact from a distance of up to a few meters.
Full details of Psychic combat can be found in the Combat section. There are many defenses to prevent or disengage from Psychic combat, but during the fight itself your rank is almost the only thing that matters.


Psyche gives you the ability to focus your attention and vastly improve the range, power, and detail of your senses. This covers all five traditional senses as well as empathy and the intuitive "sixth sense"; however, this is an active ability that only applies when a character chooses to use it.
Empathy can be used both to read mood and detect lies but requires victory in a Psyche contest; the greater the Psyche advantage, the more details empathy provides. Psyche can be used to detect Warfare-based traps and feints in this manner, but grants the opponent Advantage-- this explicitly includes clarification inquiries to the GM during combat about other players' actions. Psyche perception grants no ability to detect magic or traces of Power of any kind.
If an Amberite is engaged in a non-hostile Psychic link (such as a Trump call), Psyche can be used to try and glean information from other linked parties: surface thoughts, true names, impressions of their surroundings. The greater the Psyche advantage, the more information is received. Targets with Amber rank Psyche or better generally know this is occurring, although the scanner may attempt to act covertly. This generally takes significant Psyche advantage and works best for fairly minor pieces of information.

Magical Power

Psyche fuels and enhances all the various forms of magic, affecting their speed and intensity. High Psyche rank also provides up to five free Power Words and Instant Conjurations to players who already have those Powers.

Power Buy-ups

Players ranked in Psyche who participated in Power auctions may buy up their Power rank secretly post auction. How far you can buy up a given Power is determined by your Psyche rank, and ranges from one to five rungs.

First Rank Psyche

  • ...can implant false memories and desires that last the entire Throne War.
  • ...can lock your body up from three paces away.
  • ...can covertly pick up information about you just by engaging you in a Trump call.
  • ...can always tell when you're lying.
  • ...can out-detect Sherlock Holmes.
  • ...can buy up Powers five ranks without any other players knowing.
  • ...can cast twice as many Power Words and Instant Conjurations for free.


Bonus Algorithm

Magical bonuses and buy-ups use the same algorithm. For five bidders, it's five bonus for first, four bonus for second, etc. Six bidders adds one more person with one bonus, seven adds another person with two bonus, eight adds another person with three bonus, etc. Once there's an even split among all bonuses, add one more person at one bonus and start the cycle again. For reference, eleven bidders should look like this:
  • 1st-- 5 bonus
  • 2nd-- 5 bonus
  • 3rd-- 4 bonus
  • 4th-- 4 bonus
  • 5th-- 3 bonus
  • 6th-- 3 bonus
  • 7th-- 2 bonus
  • 8th-- 2 bonus
  • 9th-- 1 bonus
  • 10th-- 1 bonus
  • 11th-- 1 bonus
Fewer than five bidders strips one out of the top bonus category, then the next lower, etc.

What is Rank?