The Four Great Powers
These are the ranked Powers, and they are some of the greatest tools in an Amberite's arsenal.


The power of Order, Amber, and the Unicorn. Drawn in time immemorial, the Pattern gives great power to those who walk it's stark blue lines. Only True Amberites can withstand the task, and some better than others. The Pattern allows the Innitiate to travel throughout Shadow with ease, and even bend universes to her will.


This is the most ubiquitous of the Major Powers for Amberites, as each one carries a Trump deck with her. They were likely made by a Trump artist sibling, herself, or maybe even Dworkin. Trump allows for long range communication and teleportation, provided the artistry is good enough.


The ability to be something else, Shapeshifting is extremely useful when traveling and exploring through out Shadow. The ability is required to exist in the Courts of Chaos, as with out it the changing landscape would probably end your life. All Chaosians can do it, and it is a prerequisite to learning Logrus.


The power of Change, Chaos, and the Dragon. The Logrus has existed for as long as there have been the Courts of Chaos. Or maybe it's the other way around? Either way, the ever changing physics and maddening geometry of it's "passages" make it a difficult one to learn for the average Amberite, but those with Chaosian heritage are definitely drawn to it.

Magic is the umbrella under which the Minor Powers operate. Magic can be found through out many different Shadows, Including Amber and the Courts of Chaos. They are the most common powers, but do not discount them just because they are "Minor."


Magic is a versitile tool that rewards practice, study, and resolute focus but is simultaneously a fleeting and flightly thing. Nothing displays Magic's duality like Sorcery, an art practiced throughout many Shadows, and most Amberites take to the practice naturally.

Power Words

Single word phrases of concentrated Magic, Power Words are ubiquitous through out the Magical Shadows. They are a useful toolkit for any Amberite, but wear down with repeated use.


The ability to make any tool out of thin air is the power of Conjuration. This favors the creative Amberite, but anyone can create anything as long as they set their mind towards it.

Power Interactions

Pattern and Logrus

Pattern and Logrus are naturally antithetical to each other; their energies always interact badly and potentially painfully.
In practice, most Logrus/Pattern encounters involve player Power use-- using a Logrus tendril to swat someone with Pattern Defense, touching an active Lens to a Spying tendril, etc. Such encounters usually deal a surface wound to any involved parties not currently using a Power Defense, and each must make a Power rank check if they wish to maintain their Power use. Should all parties maintain their Powers, a continuous Endurance drain begins until the contact ceases and further wounds may be applied. The Pattern ability Order over Chaos overrides this interaction entirely-- a Pattern Initiate with that ability still suffers some distraction from cross-Power contact, but takes little to no wounds or Endurance drain and is not forced to drop their construct.
Summoning the Logrus near the actual Pattern or bringing the Pattern to mind near the real Logrus is more difficult than elsewhere in Shadow, although this effect is strictly local to the sigils themselves and does not cover their entire Shadows. The closer you are to an opposing sigil, the harder maintaining yours becomes-- beyond a certain point lower-ranked Power users may be forced to drop their sigil entirely. Order over Chaos does allow Pattern users to approach closer to the Logrus than their counterparts to the Pattern. Still, attempting to bring up a sigil while actually on its opposite always results in instant death, as does touching it remotely with an opposing construct.


Trump is a separate and neutral Power from all others. Trump blocks both Pattern and Logrus in direct contests, and is blocked by them in turn. Trump does not hinder Pattern or Logrus if the two are not challenging each other directly, and Trump calls do not generally block Pattern or Logrus effects. Trump is unaffected by magic in any way. Trump can block direct magical effects but cannot otherwise affect them. Magical effects usually cannot be carried or cast through Trump connections to other Shadows, although there are specific exceptions.


Shapeshifting has no inherent reaction to any other Powers, but Power Word: Ressume True Form is troublesome as they have no Power Defense like the other major Powers.


The other four are referred to as the Great Powers for a reason-- Magic is a lesser Power by comparison, easily blocked or overridden by Trump, Pattern, and Logrus. All the Power Defenses provide complete immunity to direct magical effects. The touch of a Pattern or Logrus construct can also instantly unravel spell effects of every kind, and magic simply doesn't function on the Pattern or Logrus.
Magical effects generally cannot be carried or cast across Shadow boundaries, although there are specific exceptions; almost all pointed Items will still work.


Didn't Trump used to interfere with Logrus?

It did. But that was an unfair disadvantage to Logrus users, and created all sorts of adjudication problems for situations like "What happens if I receive a Trump call while I have the Logrus summoned?" So we took it out.