The major power aligned with the Dragon.

Thinking About Logrus?

You should consider Logrus if:
  • You want a Power that does the widest possible variety of things.
  • You want your Power to be equally useful remotely and in close quarters.
  • You like getting multiple things done at the same time.
You should probably not consider Logrus if:
  • You don't want to learn the ins-and-outs of a really complicated Power.
  • You want a Power that always does exactly what you tell it.
  • You don't want to be overpowered by the Pattern.

The Logrus

"You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike" never had it so good. The Logrus is something between an ever-changing maze-shadow and an intelligent but insane great sea serpent of old. It is clearly intelligent in some senses and also clearly malicious. The Logrus is the sigil of chaos; as powerful as the Pattern but diametrically opposed.
Like the Pattern it can be walked to access a portion of its power-- doing so requires Chaos rank Endurance and Psyche and some degree of Shapeshifting to survive, there is no exception. The process is never the same twice, taking walkers through an insanity-inducing and lethal variety of challenges to "teach" them about the nature of chaos. Many walkers enter the Logrus and simply never return; others return decades or centuries later. Some bear scars or new forms, all emerge mad-- but the madness generally fades to manageability with time.
In general, assaying the Logrus is not within the scope of a Throne War-- it's difficult to get to, hard to describe, and the madness usually lasts longer than the War does.

How to Learn Logrus

Getting to the Logrus to walk it is the first trick for an Amberite. The sigil is at the very center of The Courts of Chaos and always heavily guarded by soldiers, demons, and priests who generally don't take kindly to the children of Oberon. How you managed it will depend on the exact situation in your Throne War. Sometimes merely having a Chaosite mother is enough to gain entrance and treatment as one of the nobility. Sometimes you will be asked to swear loyalty to the priests of the Logrus or the lords of Chaos, or to do favors for either or both. Some characters can successfully sneak or bribe their way into the Logrus. Others march in with armies and threaten their way to the chambers.
Once the Logrus is walked, the skills to manipulate it must also be taught by Suhuy or another experienced Logrus Master. Again, there are a variety of methods to convince your teacher to guide you-- in some cases Suhuy is willing to teach simply because it amuses him. Regardless, work out the history of how you walked and mastered the Logrus with your GM before play begins.


Practically every Logrus ability requires that the Master first use Manifest Logrus (see below). However, most Logrus abilities use the construct in a mode that prevents other types of uses while active.
The list of exclusive modes is:
  • Logrus Mystical Defense
  • Logrus Physical Defense
  • Logrus Retrieval
  • Logrus Transport
  • Shadow Manipulation
  • Summon Creatures of Chaos
  • Combat Logrus
  • Logrus Servants
  • Summon Primal Chaos
Only one of these abilities may be used at a time. If you're using Logrus Physical Defense, you can't also be using Logrus Retrieval; if you're Summoning Primal Chaos, you can't also be making a Logrus Servant, etc.
This restriction is broken by Logrus Multitasking (see below), which allows the Logrus construct to be used in multiple modes simultaneously. Other Logrus abilities can be combined as listed in their descriptions.

Power Breakdown

Automatic Abilities

Manifest Logrus

(requires Chaos ranked Psyche and Endurance, Shapeshifting)
By bringing themselves into alignment with the Logrus' chaos, a Master can summon a Logrus construct featuring an everchanging array of tendrils. These tendrils either appear from inside the Master's body or from an external construct at her discretion. Once summoned, these tendrils can be psychically directed to act by the Logrus Master within her line of sight. They function at a rank of Chaos in Warfare, but have ranked Strength equal to the Master's Logrus rank. The tendrils themselves are tireless and move as quickly as striking snakes. They have no Psyche but can be used as a conduit for Psychic connection to the Master.
Tendrils can perform basic physical actions but are not particularly dextrous. Then can lift heavy objects or operate simple mechanisms like door handles but would not be able to pick a lock or wield a sword in combat. Tendrils are naturally tough and rubbery but can still easily be cut by bladed weapons. Tendrils can be made invisible and insubstantial if the Master desires, but doing so renders them unable to physically or psychically interact with anything in their vicinity. Intangible tendrils are still detectable as Logrus-charged energy and visible to most mystic sights.
Manifesting the Logrus takes a few seconds for an average Logrus user with total concentration, and costs two Endurance up front plus 1 further Endurance periodically while kept up. Maintaining Manifest Logrus requires minimal concentration; the Master must still be conscious but does not grant Advantage in contests for splitting their attention simply for keeping it up. Actually using the tendrils to do things does take some concentration, and doing multiple tasks at the same time is impossible without Logrus Multitasking.

Basic Abilities

Detect Power

The Master gains mystic sight with the ability to sense Pattern, Logrus, Trump, and magical energy. This makes the Master sensitive to natural sources such as the Pattern and Logrus; nearby use of Powers; and the residual energies of Power use that affects Shadow.
Rank determines the range at which Detect Power functions, but this is modified by several factors. First, the various Powers detect differently: Pattern energy shows very strongly; Logrus slightly less so; Trump clearly but not particularly intensely; and magic fairly weakly. Shapeshifting potential is not detectable by this ability. Second, active attention makes Detection much easier-- a Master who can't see the target or who isn't actually trying to Detect usually won't. Third, active Power use is much more obvious than residual traces, and not all Power uses leave the same strength of traces. In general the more a Power affects Shadow, the stronger a trace and the longer it lasts. Powers like Pattern Lens leave no discernible trace a few seconds after they cease, and Probability Manipulation is much more difficult to detect than Summon Primal Chaos. In the best case, 1st rank Logrus can detect active Pattern use within a few hundred yards if they're looking for it. In the worst case, ranked Logrus can identify if an object has weak magical properties by touching it.
Detect Power grants no ability to identify who may be responsible for the energy observed.

Logrus Mystical & Physical Defense

(requires Manifest Logrus up)
A Master with Manifest Logrus (see above) active may bring either Mystical or Physical Defense up instantaneously for no Endurance.
By concentrating on the flow of chaos of the Logrus, a Master can block out the influence of magic, mental intrusion, and some Powers. Activating Logrus Mystical Defense costs no Endurance in addition to Manifest Logrus, but further Endurance may be charged for extended use or to withstand particularly powerful assaults.
Logrus Mystical Defense requires total concentration; no other Power usage may be attempted while maintaining Logrus Mystical Defense, and attempting to perform other physical tasks at the same time weakens it significantly. Logrus Mystical Defense protects against all Pattern, Trump, Logrus, and magical effects, including physical Logrus tendrils and Trump Traps. Contact with Pattern energy while using Logrus Mystical Defense will still cause a potentially painful disruption in the Master's concentration. Power Word: Logrus Disrupt weakens Logrus Defense momentarily, potentially allowing other attacks to penetrate.
Alternately, the tendrils of a summoned Logrus can be used for physical protection. Logrus Physical Defense turns all the tendrils of an active Manifest Logrus into a flat plane of impenetrable force that is up to 10 m². This process takes only a few seconds and can easily be accomplished in combat.
Nothing will penetrate the plane -- not swords or arrows nor laser beams or atomic blasts. The shield is a perfect, opaque insulator allowing no heat, light, radiation, magnetic, or electrical transmission through it. It is also Psychically neutral and not useful to form a Psyche connection to the owner. However, Logrus Physical Defense is still held in place by a Strength equivalent to the Logrus rank of the summoner and can be moved by a superior force.
The shield is restricted to a 2D plane and does not protect beyond its edges, nor can the edges be used offensively to cut. A Logrus Master can shield herself from the light/radiation from a nuclear detonation, but the following pressure wave will end up going around the sides of the shield and still cause her trouble. In theory, enough Logrus Masters could form a bunker around themselves and be perfectly safe from a nearby nuclear detonation-- if they had sufficient Logrus rank to hold the walls in place.
Physical Logrus Defense usually costs no Endurance or concentration beyond that of Manifest Logrus; however withstanding particularly powerful assaults may cost an additional fee.

Logrus Retrieval

(requires Manifest Logrus up)
A Logrus Master can have their tendrils use the chaotic nature of the Logrus to search through Shadow and retrieve things. The Master specifies an object or person, and the tendrils begin searching for something that matches the description. The Logrus improvises any details left out of the request-- a request for a sword might result in a cutlass, a rapier, or a scimitar.
Using Logrus Retrieval costs a base one Endurance, but the time involved in retrieving an item is proportional to its rarity in local Shadow. Practically speaking, the more specification the Master gives the longer it takes-- finding "a ball" is faster than finding "a bowling ball," which is still faster than finding "a blue bowling ball." Finding something commonly available in the current Shadow or a near neighbor takes only a short action, but more unique items ("The Keeper of the Logrus Suhuy's favorite chess set") can take up to three delays and a consummate amount of additional Endurance for maintaining Manifest Logrus. Once found, pulling the target to the Master requires only a few seconds. The target must be something that the tendrils can physically lift. Up to a dozen targets with the same specification can be Retrieved simultaneously for double the Endurance, although there will likely be high variance between individual results.
Logrus Retrieval starts locally then quickly proceeds cross-Shadow, beginning in conceptually nearby Shadows and then gradually expanding further and further out. Given enough time, Logrus Retrieval will always find the target sought. Restricting a Retrieval to one Shadow will always produce a result within one delay if an appropriate item actually exists. Logrus Retrieval is inevitable but not infallible; the Logrus finds the fastest way to answer your request, but doesn't necessarily interpret it precisely the way you desire. A request for "Benedict's sword" might find you a sword belonging to a random Shadow-dweller named Benedict-- there are lots of those, so it's easier to find than the one sword currently carried by your brother Benedict. A request for "A Star Destroyer from Shadow Earth" will probably get you a model, since working Star Destroyers don't exist in that Shadow. Logrus Retrieval can be used to locate known pointed items if specified properly, but it cannot be used to retrieve previously unknown pointed items.
It is important to note that Logrus Retrieval does not create items from Shadow-stuff itself. Anything returned by Logrus Retrieval has been removed from another location and potentially the possession of another being. There may be negative consequences for such actions.

Logrus Transport

(requires Manifest Logrus up and Logrus Retrieval)
Logrus Transport allows a Master to search for a target location or circumstance in Shadow, then pull themselves through to it. The cost and time-scale is identical to Logrus Retrieval.
If a Logrus Master wishes to leave their location immediately, it is always possible to Transport to "anything nearby that isn't here," then perform a second Logrus Transport to get to their real target. Tendrils already Retrieving or Spying can also be stopped to provide instant Transport to the location they are currently examining.

Intermediate Abilities

Lesser Shadow Manipulation

(requires Logrus Retrieval)
Logrus Masters can directly alter the entirety of any Shadows they can observe. This ability can be used against a remote Shadow, but only if the Master also has Logrus Spying (see below) focused on it first.
Lesser Shadow Manipulation allows the Master to change the target world as if it were her Personal Shadow, although it requires a slightly different combination of Endurance, concentration, and time as described in Personal Shadows. The ability allows any alterations covered under 2 pt. Shadow qualities or less (Contents, Natural Laws, Comm. Barriers, and Restricted Access), and the Master may only alter Shadows of 2 pt. Primality or less.

Logrus Spying

(requires Manifest Logrus up and Logrus Retrieval)
This ability allows a Logrus Master to perceive through the end of Logrus tendrils in real-time as if she were there. This perception includes sight and hearing by default, and can include Detect Power if the Master has that ability. Tendrils that are physically manifested also grant touch, smell, and temperature sense. Logrus Spying is a function of Manifest Logrus and has no separate Endurance charge.
Perceiving through a tendril requires concentration and dims the Master's awareness of their own surroundings. As long as the Master maintains concentration she may order a Spying tendril as if she were there; the range of tendrils is now effectively infinite although their inherent speed of movement is not increased. Spying can also be combined with Logrus Retrieval (see above), allowing the Master to send tendrils across Shadow to find and observe targets. However, temporal differentials force the Logrus user to adopt the speed of the Shadow being viewed rather than her own. Once a Spying tendril is left unattended, it retracts back into the Master's construct.
Spying tendrils used remotely follow the same rules as Manifest Logrus (see above), although the Master's concentration is now elsewhere. Remote tendrils can be used for item retrieval or Logrus Transport, although doing so costs the usual Endurance fee and returns the tendril to the Master's location. Spying tendrils can also be used as loci for Shadow Manipulation.

Summon Creatures of Chaos

(requires Manifest Logrus up and Logrus Retrieval)
Summon Creatures of Chaos allows a Logrus adept to pull demons out of the Chaos side of existence to do their bidding. The binding is contractual and of finite duration; the Logrus Master will explain a task to the demon which they must complete within that scene. After said task is done, the demon disappears back to the Courts and is immune to being bound again for the duration of the Throne War. Demons can be given unreasonable tasks, but this usually leads to broad and malicious interpretation of the task's requirements. Summoning takes an entire combat round of full concentration and costs 2 Endurance.
By default, Summon Creatures of Chaos pulls a random demon from Chaos. The demon will be more or less Chaos standard-- Chaos rank in all attributes, a combat ready form with a few useful non-human qualities, and potentially one or two shapeshifting tricks. The summoner will in all probability not know the demon and has no control over what type of demon they receive. Up to a dozen random demons can be summoned at one time for 4 Endurance, but they must be given precisely the same contract and the summoning takes an additional round.

Summon Creatures of Chaos can also be used to summon single specific demons with exotic qualities. These are demons the Logrus Master is intimately familiar with, and must be specified and approved by the GMs before play begins. The player may also spend Character Points on them if he wants them already summoned and contractually bound at the start of the Throne War, but not free Toy points. These points still cost against the Character's Toy limit.
Specific demons have a point value equal to half their Item cost rounded up. Any Attribute may be increased to Amber rank for 1 point and applicable Qualities or Powers may be applied at half cost. Demons may not contain Trump or Power Words. Demons may have one or two truly exotic abilities that break the normal rules-- like being naturally two-dimensional or eating magic-- but these always cost 4 points each.
The point value of a specific demon must be paid for immediately upon summoning in one of two ways. First, the Master may pay additional Endurance equal to the demon's point value. Second, the Master may take wounds equal in healing cost to the demon's point value; the largest possible wound must be taken rather than multiple smaller ones. Payment methods may be mixed and matched in any manner the Master chooses.

Combat Logrus

(requires Logrus Defense)
Combat Logrus grants the Master improved control over the physical tendrils of Manifest Logrus, allowing her to treat them as extensions of her own body. The tendrils are now fully useable at the Master's Warfare rank, and can perform delicate tasks like turning the pages of a fragile book. Tendrils can also now grow edges and shaped surfaces, allowing them to be used as flexible tools such as lockpicks. If sharpened, a Logrus tendril can cut or pierce as well as an exceptionally well made sword. Unlike regular tendrils, they also declare their action at your regular Warfare.
Combat Logrus must be used in conjunction with Manifest Logrus but does not cost any extra Endurance or concentration barring those normally associated with combat. Combat Logrus can be combined with Logrus Spying to fight with tendrils in other Shadows.

Advanced Abilities

Greater Shadow Manipulation

(requires Lesser Shadow Manipulation)
As Lesser Shadow Manipulation, except changes of 4-pt Qualities and Primal Planes are now possible.
It is still impossible to modify Amber, although Primal Chaos (see below) can still be summoned there.

Logrus Servants

(requires Manifest Logrus up and Summon Creatures of Chaos)
Logrus Masters don't need to rely on demons when they can make the Logrus itself do their bidding. Logrus Servants allows a Logrus Master to separate a tendril from their Logrus construct and give it independent life. The tendril operates with the intelligence of a well-trained dog and will improvise to follow the directions of its Master to the best of its ability. Simple conditional statements like "Find him and bring him back here" are about as complex as Servants can understand. Servants can accept verbal or Psychic commands, but absorb them very slowly; it is not generally possible to alter the action of a Servant in combat.
Detaching a basic Logrus Servant costs 1 Endurance and takes a few minutes. If left alone, a Logrus Servant will survive for days or weeks depending on the Master's Logrus rank. All Logrus Servants have the abilities of a Manifest Logrus tendril (see above) for free. Servants can also be created to replicate the following Logrus abilities: Detect Power, Physical Defense, Retrieval, Spy, Transport, Summon Creatures of Chaos, and Lesser and Greater Shadow Manipulation. Granting the Servant one use of a Logrus ability costs the same as it costs the Master or a minimum of one Endurance; but by doubling this cost the Servant gains the ability to use the ability a dozen times, and by tripling it the Servant can continuously perform the ability for the entire Throne War. Servants are much slower and less effective at using the abilities than the Master herself and must summon single targets even if the Master has the option to summon Named and Numbered at a time. A Servant may not be given multiple Logrus abilities unless the Master also has Logrus Multitasking. Granting multiple uses of a Logrus ability does not allow a Servant to apply it any more intelligently, it simply allows the Servant to execute the same command multiple times.
Logrus Servants are fragile; one solid hit from any kind of lethal weapon will destroy them. Their sustaining connection to your Logrus is gone, rendering them extra vulnerable to the influence of Pattern and granting automatic Advantage to their opponents when fighting anything that is Pattern-charged. They can be easily dominated Psychically, and can be popped entirely for one Endurance once this is done. However, they cannot be reprogrammed even by other Logrus Masters.
Masters may start the game with Servants already summoned, but must pay for them out of their initial Endurance at the start of game.

Summon Primal Chaos

(requires Greater Shadow Manipulation)
The Chaosite version of dropping the atom bomb: Primal Chaos is self-sustaining destruction, a fire that can spread throughout Shadow and consume entire worlds.
Summoning Primal Chaos costs 4 Endurance and takes intense concentration over at least one delay for 1st rank Logrus. Multiple Masters may participate in summoning Primal Chaos; this may speed up the process, and greatly increases the control the Masters can exert over the Chaos. Masters can split any Endurance fees however they see fit as long as each pays at least one Endurance.
The initial destruction encompasses an area inversely proportional to the Primality of the plane: in a Primal Plane the Chaos consumes only a single house, while in an un-pointed Shadow it stretches as far as the Master can see. Once summoned, the Primal Chaos will spread through the Shadow, reducing everything in its path to a baseless jumble incapable of supporting matter or life. From there it will start destroying neighboring Shadows and will rapidly create a Shadow storm in the vicinity. Higher Primality Shadows do not stop this process, only slow it down. Eventually Primal Chaos will burn itself out, much like a wildfire; but the damage it can do in the meantime is incalculable.
Matter without fundamental reality is destroyed entirely by Primal Chaos. Shadows are torn apart at the seams, their locks blown open and their natural laws in as much flux as their contents. Real contents of destroyed Shadows are sometimes dumped in neighboring Shadows by the motion of the inevitable Shadow storm. Pointed items or Shadows lost to Primal Chaos can be reconstructed with great effort; Amberites can usually flee Primal Chaos to neighboring Shadows as the borders between them begin to break down. Amberites that cannot escape can still protect themselves versus Primal Chaos with Defense abilities... for a time.
Primal Chaos cannot be entirely shaped, halted, or eliminated without the concerted effort of multiple Pattern Initiates and Logrus Masters using Shadow Manipulation. It can, however, be guided and fueled by the Masters who summon it for as long as they maintain concentration. Spreading the Primal Chaos faster or directing what it should consume takes relatively few Endurance, but attempting to dampen the Chaos or protect areas from it is increasingly draining as the Chaos grows. This unfortunately includes protecting the summoners themselves-- most Masters who summon Primal Chaos eventually break their link to it and flee across Shadow rather than be consumed themselves. Once broken, the controlling link cannot be reestablished.
Primal Chaos can be summoned and spread in Amber, but requires the continuous attention and effort of at least one Logrus Master. Without constant care and a steady sacrifice of Endurance, Primal Chaos in Amber will quickly fade-- leaving only as much damage behind it as a powerful fire.

Logrus Multitasking

(requires Combat Logrus)
A Logrus Master with Logrus Multitasking can perform two actions with the Logrus simultaneously using different modes. Doing so incurs the full Endurance costs of each ability activated, and the Master's concentration is proportionately split. This grants Advantage to any opponents in relevant contests.
Practical applications of this ability include: starting two simultaneous Logrus Transports, one to your actual destination and a second to a nearby Shadow to flee any attacker; taking cover behind Logrus Physical Defense and starting a Logrus Transport to escape; using both Mystic and Physical Defense simultaneously; activating two Physical Defenses on either side of you in a corridor; attacking with Combat Logrus while using Shadow Manipulation; and many others. Multitasking can also be used to parallel process Logrus Retrievals; such Retrievals are significantly but not quite proportionally faster.
When Multitasking with Combat Logrus the tendrils can still perform precise actions with the same effectiveness but they do not declare during your Warfare. They instead are treated as a Good Friend.
It should be noted that one tendril still can't operate in two modes simultaneously except where noted; Multitasking assumes that multiple tendrils are being used to cover multiple tasks. You can have multiple different tendrils in multiple modes though.


Where's the Logrus?

How you get to the beginning of the Logrus is a little unclear in the books, and it's usually not relevant in a Throne War. If it does come up, you're welcome to house it in any fashion you see fit. Here's a few suggestions:
  • The Logrus is actually in the Abyss-- you have to jump into the chasm to get to it and the only way back up is through.
  • The Logrus is deep within the Temple of the Dragon, down many flights of steps reminiscent of those leading to the Pattern room in Kolvir.
  • The mouth of the Logrus is constantly moving around, possibly with the temple attached to it so people don't accidentally wander in.

Why no personal signatures on Detect Power?

The in-game justification for this is that the Pattern's energy overwhelms any individual signatures, and the Logrus changes so often that signatures are meaningless. Out-of-game, we did it in the interests of mystery and backstabbing-- and to make up for the lack of other Power detections for Trump.

Why just two uses for Logrus Multitasking?

Because more becomes a pain in the butt to adjudicate. Some GMs may allow further parallelization-- ask before game begins.