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So you want to be an Amberite
Sweet! I am very glad that you do, and hope this is a useful resource. On this page you will find some brief descriptions, and a WHOLE LOT of links to those pages so that you can learn more. If you want to be a rebel you can just use the links on the side of the page though and figure it out yourself. I believe in you!

ALSO, you do not need to become a member of the wiki. In fact, you won't be allowed to! Sorry, that's for GMs only. Browsing as a guest lets you see everything you need to!

The Rules

So in Amber you have ranks to determine what you can and cannot do. To start off each of your ranks are referred to as "Amber Ranked," basically this means you are a PC. Characters can have higher ranks which are referred to as "Ranked" or "Numerically Ranked" because those are the ranks with numbers. Lower Ranks have names; Human is the lowest, Chaos is the one between Amber and Human. To determine if your rank lets you do something, you either ask the GM or if you are interacting with something else with ranks (like another PC) you just compare the list of ranks and go from there.

Attributes and Powers

There are two kinds of things to be ranked in; Attributes and Powers. Attributes are Endurance, Psyche, Strength, and Warfare. Powers are special: instead of starting off at "Amber" the Powers have none of the lower ranks. Buying higher ranks in a power gives you access to it's specific abilities which are listed on the relevant power page: Pattern, Logrus, Shapeshifting, and Trump. Sorcery too. When you go to the main Powers page, don't forget to scroll down as well. There is a surprising amount of info there.

Making a Character

Click the above link, dude. It tells you how to do that.

The Setting

The game is set mostly on Amber. It includes some NPCs as well. Click those links to learn more about the people and places.

How Not to Play Amber

Some Final Advice

You don't need complete encyclopedic knowledge of the rules, just have some idea of what each Power/Attribute does before the Auction and which ones you want to buy. It's good to know a little bit about each power, don't sweat the details because thing change very quickly in the Auction. Don't be afraid to ask questions as well!