What's up players...

Greetings Amberites,
We trust you have had a good night's sleep after yesterday evening's info and auction session. We will meet again on Friday, same time and place, for Character Approval as well as short, player-run "Preludes" scenes to allow you to start roleplaying and networking your PCs without the threat of imminent doom.
On the wiki you'll find the character sheet we want you to use, as well as as additional sheets to plot out your point expenditures on Items/Creatures and Shadows. The sheets are at the very end of the Character Creation page. Please print out as many copies of the latter two as you have toys. Be sure to bring all your sheets with you Friday.
You'll also see the PC questionnaire on the wiki on the Character Creation page listed under "Background". Please email your character's answers to the questionnaire to the GMs by Noon on Thursday. Late or missing questionnaires will not receive the final four points of bonus XP for use on Toys.

Additionally, now that you have a better idea of what your character can do, it's time to tell the rest of the players what your PC is like, at least publicly. As such, we ask that each player send us their Character's name (scions of Oberon tend to have only first names), a pair of colors usually associated with your character, and a paragraph describing what is publicly known about your character. We'll post these in the PC Dramatis section of the wiki, so please also have these in to the GMs by Noon on Thursday so that everyone can look them over before game.
Grudges and Favors can also be found on the wiki now along with your siblings' emails so that they can be worked about before Friday, but we suggest you work them out by Thursday at Noon. Notice a Pattern?
We'll see the vast majority of you on Friday. Until then, happy plotting!