The Major NPCs and people you should know, fellow PCs are listed here...


King of Order, Lord of Amber, High Innitiate of the Pattern
Oberon was always sort of a practical King. Rarely staying in Castle Amber more than was required, he was more often galavanting between Shadows. Most likely it was because he was visiting or making new paramours. Some say Oberon had a wife once, but she is long dead if she ever existed. Oberon ruled fairly and justly, and even if he was out of the castle much of the time, he was always there when duty called.

He viewed his resposibilities as a father to be very minimal. Oberon would usually only visit his children when it suited him. Still he held them to very high and sometimes ridiculous standards, and would broker no challenge to his image of what his children should be.


The Mad Artist, The Great Teacher
The stories that surround Dworkin are as varied as they are seemingly insane. Some say he is the father of Oberon. Other say he lays with the Unicorn. Some preport both, or that he is a Chasoian spy of House Barimen. And others still say he wrote the Pattern as a Trump of all of Shadow.

What is known about Dworkin is this: He is older than Oberon himself. He is the greatest Trump Artist in Shadow. He has instructed Amberites in the powers of the Pattern.


Keeper of the Logrus, Watcher of the Abyss, Accolyte of the Seventh Temple, Ambassador of Chaos, etc.
Suhuy was once asked why he would allow Amberites to enter the Logrus. He replied, “Because I always honor the hubris of my enemies.”

As the preeminent Logrus Master, his calling is one of caretaking and guarding the Logrus and the Abyss themselves. Suhuy holds a unique position in the Courts, as he takes no noble name for himself and represents no house. He is surprisingly friendly if extremely cryptic to outsiders and Chaosians alike. All Logrus Masters have trained under him to at least some extent, and none have been allowed passage into the Logrus without first being inspected by him.

The Primarch

King of Chaos, High Chancellor of the Farthest City, Lord of the Overwhelming, Bishop of the Dragon, Walker of the Black Road, Master of the Highest House, etc.
The Primarch has been described many times by Amberites. Each one tells a story about his unquestionable nobility, seeming irrationality, and distinct Chaosian manner. It is not clear exactly if they are all talking about the same man, though the title is always the same. Oberon is the only person seemingly capable of pointing the King of Chaos out in a line-up, but that is a more mystical connection than one rooted in familiarity. The Chaosians do not shed much light on the matter of their Lord's identity, and those of dual heritage are not in a hurry to attempt to explain the actions of the Courts.

The Queen of Rebma

Marine Mistress, Lady of the Depths, Queen of All Seas
The Queen of Rebma is ruler of the mirror of Amber in the depths of the sea; fearsome, strong, and beautiful. The Royal Families of Amber and Rebma have intermingled throughout the years and some say that she is the cousin or even sister of Oberon himself, though this has not stopped her from marrying Scions of Oberon if she chooses. She dislikes Amberites messing with Rebman affairs, but respected Oberon and his reign.

The Unicorn of Order

The Primal Representation of Order, the Unicorn, can sometimes be seen in the Forest of Arden. The elusive and enigmatic creature has appeared throughout the legends and stories told by Amberites, always coming to the aide of the side of Order.

The Dragon of Chaos

The Primal Representation of Chaos, The Dragon, appears in a variety of different forms. Sometimes it is a large serpent, other times a stereotypical fantasy dragon. It's motives are always different, or so it would seem...