What you say when you die has power.

What Blood Curses Are

Upon their death, an Amberite may always utter a Blood Curse upon any or all of the parties responsible for their deaths. The circumstances of death are irrelevant; a shapeshifting player with no lungs who was disintegrated instantly in a Shadow entirely without sound can still stick around just long enough to utter a curse before they go. Pattern training is also irrelevant: all player characters can Blood Curse if they so choose.
Targets of Blood Curses who are not present at the curser's death still know that they have been Blood Cursed, but those around them do not know always know the exact details.
Blood Curses should be dramatic, broad enough that they could be applied in a variety of situations, and applicable within the context of the Throne War. Curses that will go off after the target becomes king, twenty years down the line, or have no effect on gameplay are unsatisfying to everyone-- take some time to come up with some nasty Blood Curses before game begins.
Blood Curses can only alter probability/destiny/fate/thoughts. They can affect the outcome of events, but they neither create nor destroy force or matter.

Blood Curses in Play

After their death, the player is still involved in the administration of their Blood Curse. They are responsible for calling in a GM when they think it's an appropriate time for the curse to go off, and they may make suggestions as to how the curse manifests when they do so.
Blood Curses have one to three charges. Activating a Blood Curse usually only costs one charge, which means that your average Blood Curse will be used multiple times during a Throne War. However, if a player wishes for the curse to go off in a way that bends reality more than usual, they may spend multiple charges to do so with GM approval. GMs are, as always, the final arbiters of how many charges a given instance takes, and there are some things that even three charges of a Blood Curse simply cannot do.

Earning Your Charges

Before play begins, each player should come up with a list of at least three Blood Curses which are approved by the GM for Throne War use. If a character dies, her player may freely use any approved Blood Curse with a full three charges.
Alternately, a Blood Curse can be improvised on the spot and approved by the GM. This is historically much more difficult, and the GM will be just as stringent with approvals as they would be before the Throne War. In order to keep play moving no player shall be given more than one delay to improvise a Blood Curse.


Bad Blood Curses

"May your strength fail you when you need it most!"

This is probably the single most common Blood Curse in existence. It's boring. There's no flavor to it at all, it's basically just "Grant dis-Advantage to that physical action!" It represents the wrong kind of thinking; a Blood Curse should be something cool that happens, not a game mechanical device.
Try these variants instead:
  • "May your strength be your greatest weakness!" -- Use their own badassery to get them in trouble by having them experience a moment of overconfidence, or decide to use a physical solution when a mental one might be better, or maybe have them destroy that load-bearing pillar by accident with that mighty attack...
  • "May your weaknesses be as obvious as your strength!" -- When they do something mighty, whisper a hint to an opposing player of something they let slip in the process...
  • "May all the universe see you for the dangerous oaf you are!" -- Make their allies think about throwing you away, or make sure they're a priority target for NPCs because they're too strong to deal with safely...

"May your weapons shatter and your tools turn against you!"

Again, this is thinking like a mechanic and not a storyteller. Boring. Their sword breaks, big whoop. 99% of the time a toy isn't going to slow another player down even if it turns again them anyway.
If you want to mess with toys, though, try these:
  • "You may take my life, but my tools will be your undoing!" -- Keep playing through your toys; maybe your sword glows in the presence of your shapeshifting killer, or your enemy finds herself by chance in your Shadow...
  • "May my blood forever stain all that you possess!" -- Make a shapeshifter obviously red in every form, make sure that all your siblings know exactly who killed you, or just make for a really fun Pattern walk when they're dripping with your sizzling blood...
  • "May the blades of others find their way to you!" -- Oops, that sword thrust to their heart was just a little more accurate than it should have been, or they end up owning a weapon that proclaims their guilt for other murders, or possibly an enemy's sword guides its owner through Shadow to your killer...

"May the crown reject you!"

This is both boring and pointless; the players determine who gets the kingship and a Blood Curse is not enough to just flatly deny someone the win-- especially when time is up on the game. You can't have the "You lose" curse; it has to be more specific and subtle than that, and it should be usable before the last five minutes.
For example:
  • "May the glory of the crown blind you!" -- Literally this can of course blind your killer, but more figuratively perhaps they reach for the crown when they should be paying attention to something else, or make them believe that once they've won it of course the others will bow to them...
  • "The Pattern will remember your treachery!" -- The Pattern may not take kindly to fratricide, and even if you wear the crown, the Pattern not liking you can still cause you a certain amount of trouble...
  • "May you be as honest and forgiving as befits a king!" -- Specifically, may you be honest and forgiving when it is not in your best interests...

Good Blood Curses

"May the gaze of the righteous always be upon you!"

"The righteous" here is probably defined as "anyone who didn't kill you." Arrange unfortunate coincidences of overhearing, or deliver brief visions to the head of another sibling...

"May you have all of father's faults but none of his virtues!"

This was actually used to great success in a former Throne War-- by a first time player, too. Nobody particularly wants to be like Oberon, after all...

"May fortune smile on your sacrifices and frown on your gains!"

A good all-purpose curse, useful both for making sure they have to sacrifice something to get what they want, or that whatever they get comes back to bite them on the ass later...


Pattern Ghosts

Instead of having Blood Curses, some Throne Wars have the players continue to effect events event after they are dead. These ghosts can sometimes comunicate through open Trump calls, use Power Words, exist on Tir-na Nog'th, or all manner of different things. They can't be crowned though, and usually disappear after a King or Queen is declared.