Oberon only recognizes some of his children as being in line for the Throne. Are you?

Birth Order, The Most Important Attribute
Not all Scions of Oberon are seen as equal. The ones who were born first, recognized first, seen as legitimate first, or politically fought to have Oberon's favor have the advantage of a greater social class in Amber. They get their first pick of positions in Amber and they are seen as the ones naturally in line to get the crown after Oberon is dead.

The Birth Order Auction is simple. Bid for who came first, who came second, and who arrived so very last. The maximum opening bid is 30 and the minimum bid to enter the auction is 1. You can only overbid the first place by ten, five if you are first place, just like any other auction.

Buying Up and Selling Down
Birth Order can be bought up after the Auction and you reach a half rank below that of the person whose rank you purchased up to just like other Auctions. Birth Order can also be sold down like an Attribute, if you are so inclined to be barely recognized as one of Oberon's children. You can get 10 points for selling down to Chaos Rank, where you are seen as a Chaosian cousin or descendant of one of the other Scions. You are only seen as in line for the throne if all the Golden Children, the higher ranked Scions, are dead. Human Ranked individuals are not even recognized as Scions of Oberon in any way and there are too many to count. None of the players in a Throne War are those people.

Unlike in the Power and Attribute Auctions, however, the final Birth Order will be public knowledge at the start of the Throne War. Buying up and selling down both require that you describe how you gained/lost standing in Amber in 1-2 sentences, to be publicized along with the final ranking to explain the most recent political maneuvering or some such that led to your rise or fall in status.


As a child of Oberon with Amber Rank in Birth Order, you enjoy some privileges. Amberites will generally respect you, although they don't really listen to you if you order them around. You have access to the Pattern Room and most of the Castle, and you probably have a room somewhere that's yours and somewhat private, but nothing fancy or a suite all to yourself. Oberon occasionally acknowledges your presence, but focuses on your ranked siblings much more.

If you are numerically ranked in Birth Order, you get access to the following benefits:
  • A number of roles, tailored to the number of players who bid on Birth Order, will be available and the highest ranked in Birth Order gets first pick. Each role will have special benefits that will be public before the start of the Throne War.
    • Examples:
      • Seneschal (Librarian)
      • Ranger (Forest Arden)
      • Admiral (Amber Navy)
      • General (Amber Army)
      • Mayor (Ambertown)
      • Envoy (Special Ambassador and Diplomat)
      • Ordered (Pattern's Favorite)
  • Exclusive rooms in Amber (a tower, a cavern, etc. your choice with GM approval) of quality depending on your relative rank.
  • Further respect from Amberites, especially those involved in your chosen role.
  • Oberon, prior to the Throne War, thought of you as a potential successor, and seemingly molded you for the role by demanding the very best out of you.
  • Being in line for the Throne. (The first-born Scion is the obviously first choice to inherit the crown, right?)

If you sell down your Birth Order, the following consequences will occur:
  • You are not considered in line for the Throne directly, to varying degrees.
  • You get no recognition or negative recognition from Amberites.
  • You have a different starting Trump set from the other Scions.
  • Oberon is disappointed in you.