The center(?) of the universes...


The Castle, City and State of Amber sits atop Kolvir, a mountain which dominates the land and sea around it. Part of the landward side is a high cliff, thousands of feet high, which can be climbed using carved steps. These form a switchback path that is wide at the bottom, but narrows as it rises until there is room enough only for a single man to stand during the last few courses. The Castle itself is a grand stone fortress, with a large central Throne Room and many libraries, laboratories, dojos, and personal towers for the children of Oberon.
Below the cliff is the Vale of Garnathr, where Ambertown is located next to. On the seaward side the land slopes more gently. The defense of Amber on this side is the job of the fleet of sailing ships, led by the Admiral. The remaining approaches to the city pass through the Forest of Arden, patrolled by troops commanded by the First Ranger.
The most important place in all of Amber is the Pattern Room; an endless cave down a long and winding staircase deep into the heart of Kolvir.

Below the sea lies Rebma, an almost identical but inverted Kolvir that is recreated underwater. It is ruled by a mysterious Queen, and houses a Pattern of it's own. She prefers to stay out of the politics of Amber, and the surface in general but is sometimes provoked into attending.
Above Amber is Tir-Na-Nog'th, a ghostly city. The ghosts of dead are seen to appear there, in the moonlight. It too carries a pattern, but be wary, for walking it is not like walking a pattern of the earth.

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Amber Shadow does not function like Shadow Earth in terms of cosmology. The fact that our sun is a ball of superheated plasma is a local variant, as is our airless rocky moon, the molten core of our planet, and the fact that the world is round. Amber is metaphorical instead of physical. The sun in Amber cannot be reached because it's not meant to be traveled to-- it's meant to provide heat and light. You can travel upwards as far as you want, but the air never gets any thinner than it does on a mountaintop on Earth and you never hit space. You can dig down forever but you never hit anything more interesting than the bottom of a deep mine or crevasse. The continent which contains Kolvir is surrounded by endless oceans and forest. Etc.

Getting to Amber

The first thing you must know is that you cannot regularly use the Logrus or the Pattern to transport yourself into Amber shadow from another shadow. Only Trump and those with an expert use of Pattern may travel directly into Amber from Shadow at large. Otherwise, you enter the Shadow by traveling through one of the Golden Circle Nations. The Golden Circle is a group of Primal Planes that surround and directly "border" Amber itself. From the golden circle nations you either walk down a path into the Arden, the Fields of Ash, or take a boat to Ambertown. To shift Shadow out of Amber is similar and must be done from the Forest Arden or the Golden Circle sea. The Fields of Ash and Baylescrest, in addition to the Forest Arden, are used to access the various Golden Circle nations. The Forest itself is the seat of powers of the Ranger of Amber, who patrol the nations land borders. The Fields of Ash are an ancient Amberite battleground; a desolate and burned region that slowly transitions back to the rolling hills of the Vale of Garnath. Baylescrest is a small city that has grown out of immigration and trade with the Golden Circle and is the unofficial "capital of the Arden." Many of those who wish to travel through Amber Shadow without going near the Castle itself often find themselves there.


Amber is the ultimate Primal Plane, it "casts Shadow but is not of it". Altering any part of Amber Shadow is essentially impossible, with two exceptions. First, the advanced Pattern ability Pattern in Amber gives the Initiate the power to modify small portions of the Shadow with great effort. Second, Primal Chaos can be summoned in Amber with the direct intervention of powerful Logrus Masters.

Resistance to Damage

Amber Castle and its surrounds are specifically resistant to large-scale destructive effects not deriving from the plot-- the Pattern protects itself from such problems. Any effect that would do more damage than a conventional explosion or have a larger area of effect than the Throne Room is reduced to fit within those parameters. This addresses the "what happens if I detonate a nuclear bomb on the other side of a Trump gate" problem.

Technology & Magic

In general Amber follows the conventions of traditional fantasy settings: no technology more complex than a crossbow is present. Technology that involves electricity or internal combustion (including gunpowder) does not function in Amber. Strictly mechanical devices work properly, although sufficiently complex items have a higher than normal incidence of breakdown. Magic functions perfectly in Amber.
NOTE: The Guns of Avalon and the special jeweler's rouge do not exist in our setting.